Important News

November 30, 2018

Dear Patients:

Our Office is permanently CLOSED and no longer seeing new or existing patients. Medical records for services rendered after September 15, 2107 can be obtained from First Choice Neurology by calling 786-924-1311 or faxing 786-924-1313. Medical records for services rendered prior to September 15, 2017 can be obtained from MSPB Neurology by calling 561-968-6767 or faxing 561-641-0814. We have made great efforts to ensure appropriate transition of care for all active patients. For those of you with immediate needs, I would suggest calling your primary care physician who can assist with medications, medical concerns and appropriate referrals. It has been a true pleasure to care for you and serve the community for 25 years. Wishing you all the best of health.

James Goldenberg, MD, FAAN

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